Thursday, August 28, 2014

Five DIY Home Renovation Blunders

Know when to say no to DIY. 

When you love do-it-yourself projects, it can be difficult to know if you are going to get in over your head. Altogether there are six common home renovation mistakes that homeowners are known to encounter. While contractors agree that some homeowners with no experience in home remodeling are geniuses, even the smartest person can fall victim to pricey blunders.

1. Poor project coordination

Did you know that there is an order to tasks that prevents you from going over budget? A good
example is renovating a room and changing the carpet. For instance, when you put in new carpet, the timber floor sanding needs to be done before the new carpet is installed. Sadly, inexperienced homeowners may not know this. Since jobs like replacing carpet requires multiple expensive steps, it needs project coordination with a professional contractor in order to work seamlessly. If you still want to do DIY projects, ask the contractor which tasks you can perform instead of deciding this for yourself.

2. Forgetting the permits

As a homeowner, you may not be aware that local laws have changed. This is especially true concerning building codes. On the other hand, contractors who make home remodeling their full-time profession will stay abreast of any changes. Unfortunately, homeowners can proceed with a home remodeling project and later find out that they did not acquire the proper permit. This means that they must demolish their hard work and have professionals fix the problem in order to become compliant with local building permit codes. In some cases, a house with un-permitted remodeling will not be able to acquire homeowner's insurance or be sold in the real estate market.

3. Timber floor sanding for new carpeting

When homeowners want to install new carpet, they sometimes forget about the floors underneath. Sadly, when old carpet is removed, the floors under them are often in need of repair. In particular, it takes professional equipment for jobs like timber floor sanding. Once the floors have all old adhesives, carpet padding and brads removed, the new carpet placed on top of it will look its best.

4. Removing support beams

When you own a home that seems a little bit cramped, your first instinct may be to take out a couple of the walls to make the space larger. This does not work out well if the walls are meant to support the roof or floor above it. This can result in the house becoming unstable and unlivable. Before you start major renovations that transform the floor plan of your home, consult with an experience contractor that is familiar with removing support beams.

5. Not hiring individual contractors

For major home renovations, it makes sense to hire one person who can guide you through the process. Regardless, homeowners should not rely on one person to complete all the renovation tasks. Instead of hiring a person who is great at some renovation jobs, but not others, allow them to hire outside contractors. Along with that, you can get bids from as many contractors as you want, but be sure that one professional contractor is managing all their schedules.

How to avoid all home renovation mistakes

Ultimately, you will save yourself the stress if you talk about your renovation expectations with friends who have been through a similar process. In addition to giving you reviews on contractors, they will also let you know when you are biting off more than you can chew. Along with a long list of projects you can do yourself, there will always be those that are better left with the professionals.

Whether it is timber floor sanding or replacing drywall throughout the entire house, there will be someone in your local area who can help you get the job done. By avoiding these common renovation mistakes, you will be confident about the results you get if you play your cards right.


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