Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Four Tips for Hiring Exterior Painting Contractors in Atlanta

When you are ready to start painting your Atlanta, Georgia home, it can be difficult to understand which exterior painting contractors to hire. While this is an important decision that can affect you financially in many ways, a few basic tips will help you get over the worst of the bumps. It does not matter if you specifically need Atlanta house painters or have exterior painting that needs to be done somewhere else when this same basic wisdom applies everywhere.

Does the paint bid include warranties?

Hiring exterior painting contractors has one quick tip that ultimately nips long-term problems in the bud. For example, a recent paint job begins to peel and chip. On the other hand, if you have a warranty, this means that the contractor guarantees their work or the paint.  In some cases, Atlanta house painting services cover the paint and the work with two separate warranties.

Reviews and referrals for house painters

Most people will feel the inclination to get online and look for reviews or referrals for exterior painting contractors. Regardless, you can find that there are well-written reviews listed on the Internet for specific Atlanta house painting service contractors, but this does not mean you have all of the pieces of the puzzle. What will really count above all is a good review from past customers combined with a bid that has few surprises.

Will you get a detailed bid?

One of the worst scenarios that a homeowner can deal with is hiring an exterior painting contractors service and paying more than initially expected. Unless you are a professional house painter, you cannot know all of the various tasks or problems that can arise in the process of removing house paint and putting a new coat on it. However, you do not need to worry about this if you can get a detailed bid that is finalized before the job begins. Final bids should also include scheduled time estimates that work with your calendar.

Hire a contractor with no surprises

While it is an established idea that a good house painting service contractor sets your expectations about how much it costs, how long the job will take to do, and what problems could arise; there is still one area to consider. Written in the fine print of most contracts, you will see that there are some exceptions. In some cases, an Atlanta house painting service may have these exceptions written into the contract because they are standards in the local industry. As long as you understand the way the terminology is being used, you should have no problem signing. In some cases, you may want to read and discuss these exceptions before signing the bid.  Otherwise you can feel confident and expect the job to be performed with the agreed upon price.


  1. Maryam, I really like the second tip you gave. I know that I tend to look at online reviews quite a bit, and I know that they aren't very indicative of the service provided by a painter. It would probably be much better to talk to family and friends about who they've used in the past, and get their recommeendations.

  2. The article hit the most important point and that is to read the contract. That is how they usually get you all the time with the hidden fees. Read the contact people and pay for what you owe the person doing the job.

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