Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Tasks for Exterior Home Maintenance

Are you thinking about your home’s spring exterior maintenance tasks? When the snow begins to melt and the days heat up, it can be difficult to know where to begin with outdoor spring cleaning for your home. This is especially true if you are not accustomed to outdoor labor or need to replace your roof.  However, over the years, we have found that there are a few specific details most homeowners need to take care of in the springtime in order to avoid more costs in the future. 

Always keep gutters maintained

One job that most homeowners can do without professional help is cleaning the gutters. This two-person job means removing all of the debris from the gutters while someone else holds the ladder. Regardless, if you need to replace or repair broken gutters, you might find that a roofer does a better job. Getting gutters replaced in the springtime is important because other times of year have less rain. If you do not get your gutters cleaned and replaced for the spring rain, you may start to have foundation problems.

Getting the foundation checked

As roofing professionals, we often replace a roof that is damaged because the foundation of the house is shifting. While it can cost thousands of dollars to have foundation work done, one of the easiest ways to save money is to have the foundation regularly inspected. Put this on your home’s spring maintenance check list, and you will pat yourself on the back later by catching this potential financial disaster early.

Cleaning up the pavement

You do not always need to focus on the home itself or call roofing professionals when you do property maintenance each spring. After a long winter, salt chemicals and snow removal equipment can damage pavement outside of the home. In addition to making pavement uneven, snow removal equipment and chemicals can also stain the surface making it look patchy. Along with filling in potholes in your driveway, pressure washing and resurfacing are excellent spring cleaning rituals to keep your home looking fresh.

Installing a new roof

Of course, when you need a new roof, the signs will be obvious. You will have discolored walls or cracks in the drywall. When it storms outside, there will be leaks coming from the ceiling. From the outside, you can see that moss is growing on top of the shingles. When it comes to checking off boxes on your spring maintenance list, the best solution is to have a roofing professional give you a roof inspection. At *Insert Your Roofing/Maintenance Company Name Here*, we are ready to help homeowners replace their roof and remove all of the damage caused by winter elements. To get started, give us a call.

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